Simply Barre. Longer . Leaner . Stronger.







The Simply Barre technique is a total body workout fusing elements of ballet, yoga, Pilates and fitness conditioning. Designed to strengthen and tone the entire body, each 50-minute class sequentially targets arms, thighs, seat, and abdominals. Each muscle is worked to fatigue through focused repetition, isometric holds, and pulses to create strong bodies to carry you through all that life brings your way. Simply effective. Simply marvelous. Simply Barre.



Client Testimonials
  • I've been coming to this studio for almost a year now and haven't written a review because I don't want to share this place with anyone else.  But now, since there is another studio opening Fenway, the "secret" about this Southie gem is out - and I can give these women the 5 stars they SO deserve. 

  • Wow, this little barre studio is the best! As a former ballet dancer, I have a love/hate relationship with barre, and sometimes feel awkward with some of the exercises. However, I've already taken 3 classes here with 3 different instructors and really enjoyed every class!

  • I really like how each class has the same format but exercises within the format change.  The studio itself is very clean and each staff member is super friendly.  The really cater to every fitness level.  I also really appreciate how the instructors encourages you in class and remembers your name.


Class begins with a standing warm-up followed by planks and push-ups to warm the core. Next, the upper body is worked using light hand weights. The journey to the "shake zone" (a hallmark of barre where muscles shake when worked to fatigue!) continues at the barre by targeting thighs and seat. Focused abdominal work continues to build a stronger core. Class concludes with stretching the entire body. Simply strong. Simply confident. Simply Barre.