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Studio Liability Release
Liability Waiver: You workout at your own risk!

This release and indemnity agreement is made by the undersigned adult (Participant) to release and indemnify, Simply Barre, LLC, a Massachusetts limited liability company, and all of its respective members, employees, heirs, successors, contractors, as set forth below.
Participant is voluntarily participating in the activity with full knowledge, understanding and appreciation of the risks inherent in any physical exercise and expressly assumes all risks of injury and even death, which could occur by reason of participants participation.

Participant releases Simply Barre from any liability and agrees not to sue Simply Barre for any cause of action for bodily injury, property damage or death occurring to participant as a result of participating in this exercise program.

Participant hereby assumes full responsibility for risks of bodily injury or death to participant due to the ordinary negligence of Simply Barre. Participant agrees to indemnify, defend and hold harmless at Participants sole cost Simply Barre, LLC from any and all claims arising out of participants participation in this exercise program.

Please don’t steal our technique
By signing below you are agreeing not to teach or reproduce in any way any of the exercises, movements, class formats, choreography or music compilations from this studio. Any violation of this contract will be enforced to the maximum extent permitted by law, which may include but its not limited to inductive relief, punitive damages and attorney fees.

We may post your pics to Facebook, Instagram, our website or other social media

By signing below, you are agreeing to allow Simply Barre to take your picture and use your picture on its social media page. In the event that you do not want Simply Barre to use your picture, please inform Simply Barre and it will remove any picture of you.

Participant has read and voluntarily accepts this release and indemnity agreement.