Client Testimonials

"Every single instructor takes the time to work with everyone in class to ensure good form, and that's so key to a wonderful Barre workout.  All of the instructors play GREAT music, are highly motivational and will definitely give you a fantastic workout.  I am SO pleased with the amazing results, but it's a such a joy to go to a studio where everyone is interested (and complimentary) in your progress.  All of the instructors will provide individual attention, as needed, which is such a game changer for me.  I am thrilled to be part of the Simply Barre community and genuinely look forward to a fun and challenging workout every time I go."


"I was nervous when I came to my first SB class. Would I fit in? Would I even make it through an entire class? Would I ever really understand what a "tuck" was? 
From the get-go, these ladies made me feel comfortable and capable of tackling something new. A dedicated runner in a monogamous relationship with cardio, I needed to build some muscle to keep up with my 6'6" 7:30 JOGGING pace boyfriend ‍ and the SB Team got me there. Now, they are my outlet for maintaining a healthy and happy mind/body as I take a much needed (possibly forever) break from the pavement.  Karen, Michele, Lonnie, Channing, Erica, Frances, and Heather you ladies are the BEST. Thank you for creating this amazing community of women and providing the most mindful, challenging workout I've ever had."


"In the past, getting a workout in 4-5 times a week has been a challenge.  It's always felt like a second job that I was rushing to get to and fit into my day.  Simply Barre has opened me up to a completely different experience but going to a class at the studio in South Boston has been something I look forward to.  Every class I take I can focus on my well-being.  The instructors keep the classes interesting and fun, with different moves and playlists - while weaving in their own little personal touches.  Every member of the Simply Barre team makes it a point to get to know each student, whether it's their first class or the 100th.  There's a great sense of community in the studio.  I've come to recognize faces in each of the classes I take and I've gotten to know so many new people through barre.  For me, Simply Barre has managed to combine a challenging workout with a tight nit community of young women.  I've learned to leave my ego at the door and take time to thank myself for the hard work I put into my well-being!"


"I have tried barre classes in multiple states, and in MA- simply barre is definitely my favorite. Unlike some other barre classes, the owner and instructors are really approachable, and clearly love what they do. This attitude is reflected by the clients; people are really friendly and/or are just looking for a great workout. I also appreciate that instructors offer corrections and ensure everyone is safe & getting an intense workout. I took classes here before, during, and after having a baby and I really think this workout helped at each stage. You'll notice a difference after the first class, and a huge improvement after a month of even *somewhat* consistent classes. I highly recommend SB!"


"I have always struggled to find the motivation to actually put on my sneakers and go out for a run or find time to go to the gym. I had never tried group classes of any sort, and had never even heard of barre. Having Simply Barre in the neighborhood allows me to easily take time out of my day for some ME time. I continue to come every other day (for the most part) for the fact that I've become a stronger and leaner me! Not to mention, Erin and the instructors have great energy and music which allow me to focus on the workout and not on everything else that's going on. I've introduced many friends to barre as well now and seem to talk about it all the time. I've met classmates from high school and college as well as co-workers at Simply Barre and they have nothing but great things to say about the class as well, even though they end up sore for the next 3 days!"


"I LOVE IT HERE!! I had never tried barre before, and had no idea what to expect when I went to my first class. As someone who has run a few marathons, I thought that I would be able to fly through this workout, but was completely humbled when I found out how hard it was! My legs, abs, and booty were sore for days afterwards. It felt like the hardest workout I've ever done! After my first class, I was hooked. Since then, I've been to about 10 classes and have noticed significant improvement in my body, strength, and energy. I feel so much more toned and slim already! Barre has been a great way to balance my marathon training runs, and I have felt so strong in my running and daily life since starting. I was apprehensive about the price, but decided that I will pay any amount of money to look and feel as amazing as I do since I started barre!!! The instructors at the studio are all warm and helpful."