Fenway Team

Karen at Simply Barre Fenway


Karen, Lead Instructor

Karen found her way to her first Barre class in 2013 as a way to recreate the childhood nostalgia of years of ballet classes. What she found; however, was a place where she could truly be present in each musical beat, body movement, and heart sound. Karen embraces the idea of helping her students find their own joyful movement while accepting and loving the body they are in. Her passion for her own body acceptance is what drives her to be a part of others' healthy living journeys. For Karen, it is an incredible opportunity to be a part of the day that you chose as part of taking care of your body, mind, and spirit. Meet her at the barre, where all you need is a willingness to listen to your own body and the desire to groove to whatever music is playing!

Ev at Simply Barre Fenway



Ev loves barre because of the personal challenges and successes that come out of it. "You can push your body to incredible limits all while feeling strong and amazing!"

Vianna at Simply Barre Fenway



Vianna danced ballet pre-professionally and professionally for 12+ years. She loves barre because of the physical and mental challenge, there's nothing better than feeling strong in your whole self!

Riti at Simply Barre Fenway



Riti is a self proclaimed fitness junkie. She loves how each barre class brings a unique physical and mental challenge and leaves you in awe of what your body and mind can do--and she can't wait to share that experience with the clients of Simply Barre. 

Kayla at Simply Barre Fenway



Kayla grew up in Pennsylvania and took ballet her entire life. She loves how barre classes make her feel stronger and more toned--it has been the only workout that she always looks forward to! She can't wait to share her love of barre with the new clients of Simply Barre.

Stephanie at Simply Barre Fenway



Stephanie took her first barre class at Simply Barre in 2016 on a whim and a smartly purchased gilt voucher. After one class she was hooked and became a regular fixture at the barre. As someone who grew up hating any type of sport or gym class activity, Stephanie believes in the power of barre to transform anyone regardless of experience both mentally and physically. Stephanie’s passion for barre is matched only by her passion for the Simply Barre community. Two years later she decided to step up her barre game and become an instructor. She is excited to help grow the community and share barre with others looking for a new challenge and good seat kicking.